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TLB: What should we expect from the One-On One workshop with Akinyemi Ayinoluwa on the 7th December 2018?

AA: My partner shared a joke with me when I mentioned the idea to democratize knowledge and make it available to young lawyers. He said the CREATE YOUR FUTURE WORKSHOP is a deliverance program. I love the Pentecostal reference he used. But again, this is the whole truth. The workshop will help dispense the type of information that is rarely shared by senior lawyers. I believe that in 2018, there are enough resources to help new wigs straight out of law school to get a better deal. Young lawyers would understand that they need to dominate the digital landscape in every shape or form. They would learn how to create a personal brand and how to use content in an efficient manner that will translate to getting hired consistently.

TLB:There was a workshop earlier this year, please tell us more about this?

AA: The attendance for the first edition was not great. Those who attended were able to implement a number of ideas shared. This time around we already have 23 seats secured, a number of people out of town have also signed up to attend.

via @Akinyemilaw instagram

TLB:What inspired this workshop for you?

AA: I had a very rough introduction into law practice. I worked with a law firm that depleted all the enthusiasm I had before qualifying as a lawyer. My work life was unbearable. All the topics I will be teaching I consistently mastered, and that was the most transformational aspect of my professional life. I had more freedom to dictate the type of life I wanted to lead. I am thankful I stumbled on a path that lead me to a better place. I want to share these ideas with the next generation of young lawyers. A lot of them have it worse than I did.

TLB:What are the current challenges faced by every aspiring law student or law student?

AA: Among some of the issues young Nigerian lawyers grapple with are such issues as low Remuneration, unbearable work environments, unemployment, lack of Opportunities for growth and promotion, as well as lack of healthy Work/Life balance.

While this crippling status quo remains, the market welcomes not less than 2,500 new wigs every year. Only a lucky few will land a spot with the limited number of thriving workplaces scattered across Nigeria. So, the rest who are not fortunate to land these spots must #CREATETHEIRFUTURE

Date: Friday, 7th December 2018

Venue: 2nd Floor, Lagos Chambers of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) Conference & Exhibition Centre,Bola Tinubu way,(Besides Marwa/MKO Garden) Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.


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