Silas Adekunle, is the 27 year old CEO and Co founder of Reach Robotics, a company of about 32 employees that focuses on gaming robots, a first of its kind. He is a first class material with a degree in Robotics from the University of West England.

One of his recent products is an augmented reality platform,  Mekamon, that combines robotics to bring video games character to life.

His product, Mekamon that got him a dream deal with Apple, races, is spider like with four pointed legs, trots daintly, bows and performs a dramatic death shudder. When Adekunle takes out his phone and points it at  Mekamon, his screen is surrounded by glowing lights, facing the animated opponent that it could shoot lasers at. This exclusive distribution deal with Apple in Nov 2017, has led him to sell plenty of Mekamon robots. He is part of the Forbes latest 30 Under 30 list for European Technology. 

These robots show emotion with subtly calibrated movements. They will show happy moments when their heads are rubbed, stamping of feet or sharp movement when aggressive and calmer movement to suggest breathing.

It gets angry if you don’t play with it, and when it wins games, it’s behavior changes

Says Beck, Co founder and CTO Reach Robotics.

The Mekamon looks like something between a crab and a spider, but unlike either of those animals, it has no features resembling a pair of eyes or mouth.

Adekunle and Apple also launched ARKit a platform for augmented reality. It mixes digital animations with the real world on smartphone screens.

As a child in Nigeria, he caused a power outage in his apartment, when he took a battery and plugged it with words into the main outlet. He was almost electrocuted.

He moved to the UK when he was 10, continued tinkering with amateur robotics, watching YouTube and dabbling on code. After his university education, in 2013, he met Beck, who was on his PhD at that time, with an experience in robotics. Beck then joined forces with him to create Mekamon.

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