Simba Muvbuma is a 26 year old lawyer and tech entrepreneur based in Harare. His areas of legal practice include Telecommunications, Entertainment and Aviation. 

He is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lexware Inc., a company he co-founded in January, 2017.

Simba planned to start his business in 2014, though it only kicked off the ground in 2016.

Lexware Inc. is an innovative technological solutions for the legal profession in Africa. Their technology focuses on increasing efficiency in legal systems, placing their clients as market leaders in the various countries in which they operate. 

The first product on offer was Lexware Mobile, a free application for law students in Zimbabwe. It allowed them to access statutes and case law, even offline.

Some services they currently offer include: Lexware Virtual Assistant: It is an accounting software that allows lawyers to seamlessly create audit ready books of accounts without breaking a sweat. It also helps in managing cash-flow and preparing audit ready books of accounts. It gives lawyers the information they need to formulate creative business strategies, making them competitive in the new global economy.

Lexware Cloud Connect: Allows lawyers in a law firm to upload documents onto a secure firm specific platform. The documents can be uploaded for review by other lawyers or for later use. The cloud connect experience understands the importance of documents in legal practice, and this technology sets the legal profession on a path to a paperless office. It also allows senior and managing partners to monitor the quality of the work by their associates, providing a new innovative way to train lawyers for a new global economy. They offer so more astounding tech services. 

His first clients included Wintertons Legal Practitioners of Zimbabwe,
one of the first traditional law firms to take the leap into the world of technology, a member of TAG Law, the global alliance of independent law firms. Lexware Inc now boasts of 4500 case management and billing system users in more than 10 countries in Africa. “At an average rate of US$30 per month per user, we are 500 users away from becoming a $1 million dollar annual revenue legal technology company (possibly the first of its kind) in Africa.”

At an average rate of US$30 per month per user, we are 500 users away from becoming a $1 million dollar annual revenue legal technology company (possibly the first of its kind) in Africa.”

Simba says the business aims to transform into a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence research, development and implementation for the legal industry in Africa.

Lawyers, he says, need to be serviced by businesses like his.

Their unique selling point is that his team are lawyers are young and they have a deep knowledge of what it takes in running a law practice, he explained.

He further stated that technology is underutilized in law firms across Africa and it is surprising that some law firms with over 40 lawyers still do not have any technology to manage their time and documents in one portal.

In his opinion, lawyers value gathering around a table and engaging directly with people. That this has been both an advantage and disadvantage in his journey because he has had to travel to meet people who we could have easily engaged using the latest technology in video conferencing.

Simba and his company appeared in the influential 2018 Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list along with 29 other young tech entrepreneurs honoured in Africa.

Their services are also available in Nigeria. You can check them out via

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