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Early in 2016, RMD, (Richard Mofe Damijo), through his lawyers sent a letter to Jumia for reposting his instagram pictures as an advertisement on their instagram page which Jumia took down after the query.

Jumia’s handler for their instagram fashion page, agreed that they used RMD’s image on their fashion page, but didn’t use it on their website or for any commercial purpose.

RMD’s legal team despite the apology, commenced a lawsuit against Jumia fashion and asked for conciliatory compensation.

Jumia’s legal team in response to the suit stated that “the photos were editorial posts on Jumia Fashion’s Instagram page and several other celebrities are likewise featured” and was never used for commercial purposes.

RMD’s lawyers still held their position on the monetary/ conciliatory compensation for illegal use of his image rights.

Their claim is based on the fact that the hashtag led to the loss of endorsement deals from a couple of fashion companies for the Actor, owing to the misrepresentation that he was promoting Jumia fashion line, and some of the proposed deals have taken a slow turn.

However, it is worthy of note that instagram terms and conditions forbids Jumia from reposting RMD’s picture without his consent for advertisement.

Nothing further has been heard on the matter, hopefully, it was settled out of court.

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