The world is a market, every individual in the world needs to purchase different type of products ranging from food, to clothes, to houses and so on in other to survive. In the world, those in business and out of business at one point or the other have been customers to a person, company or group. We all can be referred to as customers, in the present time an individual is open to make a choice because there are various options. Fashion producers/ marketers need to understand what a customer wants, the service a customer needs in other to make a choice when purchasing a product.

I am a fashion business enthusiast with a business and over time I have grown to understand my target market and my customers. I have made a lot of mistakes still making mistakes but I am definitely learning, with the little knowledge I have acquired. I understand that customers don’t buy what a business sells rather they buy what those goods and services do for them. for instance, in fashion individuals buy the sharp appearance, the style and the attractiveness. Basically, fashion customers exchange their money for two major things;

The good feeling and solutions to problems. The success of a fashion business depends on how many individuals it rewards with those things and how well it does it.

The good feeling: fashion customers want a happy feeling when purchasing a piece. People purchase goods when they feel glad and feelings can be contagious. It is necessary to be the carrier and not the catcher. According to mark Cuban, it is much easier to be respectful, to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and try to understand how you might help them before they ask for help, than it is to mend a broken customer relationship. Basically, customers unknowingly desire to know that you care not just about the product and service but about them.

Solutions to problems: the primary aim of any business is to solve problems. A very popular marketing axiom states “people don’t buy goods, they buy solutions to problems”. Fashion customers want solutions which might come in form of a perfect outfit for an event, for work, for a date and so on. Fashion customers want products that are better that what they have. Every time, I have a customer, I try to understand what my customer has and what my customer wants. You don’t want to give customers they already have, you need to give customers what they want.

The success of any business largely depends on what the customers want.

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